Lili's father’s business was decimated by the Elderman’s War, which put Tali Major on the throne of Conica. Now, she must make a wealthy match before her father’s debts destroy everything she loves. 


She finds a friend among the sovereignty. Cam may be the youngest son of the king, but he is far from a prince. Impulsive and adventurous, he leaves Conica to find happiness. Called home by familial obligation, he discovers what he was looking for was there all along. 


Surprised to find she is an object of desire, Lili makes the fatal error of falling in love. The Major family will change her life as she is faced with incidents out of her control. Together, can Lili and Cam be the light that saves a nation or will the shadow of life as a sovereign leave Lili alone in the dark?

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Legacy of a King